Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lazy Lake Daze

   One more day until school is officially out! It's a half day today, so my plan is to pack some snacks & drinks, do a quick clean around the house, pick the kids up from school and then head to the lake for the afternoon. We purchased a new boat last weekend, and everyone's chomping at the bit to try it out! Boating is a hobby we happened upon 8 years ago, when a friend had his boat for sale, and he happened to ask Les to "try it out"...we did, and we've been hooked ever since. We enjoy the family time together... it's one of the few things that will entertain 4 kids (age range 10-21 yrs. old) and the parents as well. But the greatest enjoyment for me is being right in the middle of God's creation. I absolutely love nature, and if there was ever anyone who appreciated the glorious creation that God blessed us with, it's me! We marvel at the tiny tadpoles we see in the water's edge, and gaze at the clouds, trying to pick out the shapes that we see in them, and we enjoy the cool refreshing of the water on a hot summer's day. And it's all FREE! We serve an awesome God...I hope you slow down this summer and get outside and enjoy what God has provided!
   Well, we're back from our afternoon on the lake....very relaxing, and just before we left Jaimee looked up and said "Doesn't that cloud look a lot like Pegasus?" Indeed it did! I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to snap the picture...but it was so clear I can still see it in my mind! Now off to bed....this chick is gonna sleep well tonight!
    ♥ Sheila

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