Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer's In Full Swing!

   All-Star Baseball is in full swing now! We've traveled to Statesboro each evening since Monday for the Firecracker Classic...tonight should be the last night, and we're hoping for a win! Joseph is in heaven playing ball...he's always the last one off the field, the last one out of the dugout to leave, and the last one to leave the ballpark...he is never too tired after a game to throw a few more balls or swing the bat a few more times!
   Jessi & Jaimee are at Impact camp right now, which is the most wonderful place on earth, according to Jessi! It is such a refreshing, encouraging, and uplifting week for both of them. I pray their hearts will be open to what God has in store for them this week! Jessi's getting a double-dose this year....she will return from Impact on Friday, then will leave on Monday for another week of camp at Snowbird, which is in N. Carolina...this is the first time she's gone there, and I'm praying Snowbird will only build on what she's heard & learned this week at Impact.
   A busy week is ahead of me as we prepare for VBS at Sardis Baptist....more about that in my next post!
♥ Sheila