Monday, May 23, 2011

A bat, a ball, and a boy

   Well, the first night of All-Star Baseball Practice was tonight...2 hours of it! But Joseph loved every minute, so how could I be anything but happy? I have to admit, we are a sports loving family! We got his schedule also for the next month, and it looks like tournaments/games just about every Saturday & Monday through June, with practices in between. And some of those tournaments continue the next day (and the next day...) as long as we are winning. Well, who wants to lose?!
   It's already a busy time of the year....Jessi & Jaimee both go to Impact camp June 6-10, Jessi goes to another camp, Snowbird, the week following that while we start Vacation Bible School on the 12th. VBS is probably the busiest yet most satisfying week of my life each year! I absolutely love it! I like to plan my week-long trip to the lake at the end of VBS's my much deserved rest after such a busy week. Well, wouldn't you know it, the day we are scheduled to leave, Joseph has a ball tournament in Vidalia...but the girls will go on up, and we'll join them as soon as we can! I think I will take the whole month of July, and not plan one thing to do, unless it involves relaxing!
    Right now, I'm off to sit on my front porch, glass of ice tea in hand, and just listen to the evening sounds....

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